Forklift Training Procedures

Forklift training is an essential part of operating a forklift effectively and safely, which is why training procedures should be provided at the highest level. If the correct training procedures aren’t carried out and taught to potential forklift operators, employees have a much higher risk of causing damage and injury. This is why it is critical for your company to ensure training is refreshed, updated and always supervised

We have provided some tips and advice on how to carry out effective training and how to operate a forklift truck safely.

Forklift Operator

Ensure that the operator of a forklift is physically able and can follow the correct forklift procedure in a competent manner.

Forklift Training Instructor 

Make sure the training instructor is fully qualified and an accredited trainer.

Training Sessions

A training session should include basic training, which includes the skills and understanding of how to operate a forklift safely. A forklift operator should also learn the job training fundamentals that involve a knowledge and understanding of the workplace area, and experience and handling of possible attachments. Potential forklift operators should (when training) be supervised and checked by the instructor, to ensure they are capable of operating the forklift and that they follow all safety procedures.

Reassessed Training

Forklift operators must be reassessed regularly to ensure that all health and safety measures have been refreshed and updated.


Supervisors of operators must have a thorough knowledge of forklift training to identify unsafe procedure.

Operators Training Records

Training records should be kept and regularly updated to ensure that all operators are keeping up with health and safety procedures. These records should include safety mistakes to evaluate the operator’s progress and ability.

Authorised Use

Only employees that have a written authorisation should be allowed to operate a forklift. The written authorisation should include the employees’ forklift training level and the work that is to be carried out with the forklift.

Work Area

The area where a forklift is supposed to manoeuvre and carry out jobs should always be clear and free from obstructions. Aisles should allow the forklift to move freely through and should have an adequate amount of space between machine and surface. If more than one forklift is being used, a one-way system is essential in avoiding accidents and collisions. The workplace should have numerous warning and direction signs to keep employees aware that a forklift is being operated.

Forklift Awareness

Ensuring other employees are aware that a forklift operation is being carried out is essential in avoiding accidents and injuries, which is why a forklift should be fitted with audible caution equipment and appropriate lights. 

Maintenance and Repairs  

Regular checks should be carried out to ensure the machine is in working order and any maintenance and repair should be recorded and dealt with quickly and efficiently.


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